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Guide to Residential Carpet Styles

The carpet styles and colors for your home can make a big difference in how the room feels. Just as the color of paint can effect mood, the carpet styles and colors can set off a room and change the feel.

In choosing carpet styles, consider your home’s style. Here are a few styles:

PD Callerelly

Chic carpet style. This thick coarse textured style is great for high traffic areas and live in areas where there is a lot of wear. Some people love this look says they “feel clean” even though it can be a little abrasive especially in areas where children play.

TR Managed

The tri-color Tuff dyed, designed by Synthetic Polyester, is a low maintenance carpet style. It is a synthetic carpet and designed to withstand heavy traffic yet look like it has been there since your home has been installed. The style is a great match for a house rich in luxury, more zany than your average people’s home.


This is a fancy look. It is one of the Wealthier carpet styles. It is a colored dyed yarn, man-made, which comes with a velvet finish. The weave is terrible looking with visible stitches. But the color compliments any room, because it adds some depth to lighter colored rooms and create a rich yet luxurious look.


The most frustration in carpet selection, is the yellow builder’s grade carpet. It is so cheap looking, it is hard to choose, but is so good in the bargain department.


It may be a little high maintenance for a designer room, but for high traffic areas of your home this carpet is the best there is. It is a thick cost-effective, soft and dense carpet. It is a single layer and is great for your dog’s nails to climb on.


This has only one layer with elevated yarns. They have the look of tufts mixed with a more expensive more finished look to them.

In this article, I hope that now, you have a few ideas to narrow down the carpet style that is right for you. There are so many styles, you can feel safe with your first response. Shop around and get the best carpet style for you and your home. If you walk into a store and do not like the price then look online for an online store with the highest quality carpet.

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