Flooring Services

Wylie Flooring Services

Floor Installation – Wood, Carpet, Tile & More

We’re here to help make flooring great and easy. If you’re looking to have your floors done right, let’s talk.

Whether you’re looking for installation within new construction or enhancing a current space, we’re ready. Let’s make your vision a reality.

Floor Sanding

Dust and dirt contained, always. Sit back and relax while our team takes care of the full process of repairing scratched and damaged services with no hassle.

Floor Staining

There’s a deeper beauty inside your floors ready to be uncovered. We’ll help you pick the right stain and the right process to achieve the look and feel that’s just right for your home.

Custom colors, custom spaces, our pleasure.

Floor Finish & Repair

Your floors are working hard all day, everyday. We’ll help you take good care of them. Simple wear and tear is no match for our specialists ready to repair.

Vinyl Plank Flooring Installation

Natural look, luxury quality, affordable pricing. If you’re looking for something that meets this criteria, then vinyl plank flooring might be the fit for you and your home. A large variety of styles make vinyl flooring a versatile solution.

Commercial Cleaning and Extraction

Wylie Flooring doesn’t just specialize in residential. Our teams are ready to make the most of your commercial space. Outside of installation and restoration, we can professionally clean the most challenging of spaces. Big and small businesses will greatly benefit not just from aesthetics, but comfort and productivity brought from a properly cleaned environment. Safe, healthy, beautiful.

Tile Floor Cleaning and Refinishing

Let’s make your tile as incredible as day one. Consistency is key, and our cleaning procedures for the most difficult of tile surfaces is up to the challenge.