wylie flooring tips for cleaning hardwood floors

Easy, Cheap and Green Cleaning Tips for Floors

Whether one is looking for excellent tips for staying clean or tips for cleaning floors, the more you pay for products, the more you will save. Today we are going to give you simple yet effective tips for cleaning floors without spending a fortune on expensive products.

Assume you are interested in cleaning a tile floor and have done your research to figure out what type of product to use.

There are, of course, many different surfaces that can be cleaned with different products; however, today, we will only look at cleaning floors.

I, personally, am a neat-clean kind of girl. We have our kitchen and bathrooms cleaned on a regular basis. Now the golden rule is that one should always throw things out when they are dirty, however when they are worn out, it is time to put them away! We know that I am quite the neat-clean kind of girl.

I used to buy floor cleaner, shampoo, some sort of flat scrubber and Windex is phases. Those are the most common type of upkeep products that I was using years ago as it was the only thing that I had available. However, we are now in a grassy patch of earth where getting your hands dirty can give you a Furthermore amount of enjoyment.

Boiled vinegar, Mr. clean, shoe polish remover, kitchen cleaner, Windex, wood cleaner, baking soda and toothbrush hygienic cotton. Yes. That is the intake of one of the applications of all these products. Think about how store bought products are usually of an inferior quality. We don’t want that to happen to us. If you don’t regularly clean and maintain you home, Western States takes pride in their cleaning products and their commitment to keeping the word clean in the consumer community and affordable on the consumer’s purse. You need a Mr. clean carpets and aWindex carpet cleaner,Cloth-R Gotroom and a Mr. clean carpet stain remover? Maybe you might have to go visit this popular store at some point.

All of these products are revolutionary, affordable and they conveniently combine with the next method mentioned below.


This first step is always the most important. Are you willing to get your hands dirty? Of course!

Do not attempt this on a wood floor. You will already have to clean your wooden floor. Stay away from the dirt, you might make a real mess. A bucket of tepid or slightly warm water is a safe way to clean a wooden floor. Beside the clean floor, health and safety is of utmost importance, especially if the floor is maple or any other hard wood.

The next trick is actually the top of the room’s best. Actual comfort should be taken into consideration. If you are cleaning a determines floor, you should remove all the furniture and choose an area between your upholstery and carpet, an area in between the tile or hardwood floor and the next wall in order to provide the best cleaning method.

If you choose an area that has a warm surface, sop up or wipe it dry as quickly as possible with a dry microfiber towel. Apply a small amount of floor cleaner to a rag and then dab it onto surfaces as let soak for an hour or two.

Surfaces soaked in specific creations can be more difficult to clean than built up surfaces. For surfaces that are built up, just apply you Mr. clean or Windex cleaner and let dry. After it is dry, it will leave specific spots where the cleaner dried. There are a million cleanup products to reduce and stop this, but if you choose the right one, it will disappear.

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